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Exploring the places + meeting the people that make Milwaukee look, sound, and taste great.

Hello, Milwaukee.

My name is Lp. I've been listening to podcasts since 2003. Since then I've wanted a podcast of my own. The challenge is finding a topic that is deep enough to create content over time.
In August, 2019, I moved to Milwaukee. To overstate the obvious, there is so much to experience here. One could go to a new restaurant every day for years. And that's just restaurants.
The mke love podcast is the amalgam of these 2 loves.

Featuring... YOU.

Want to be featured in an episode of the podcast? The following are the rather rigorous criteria. You must:

  • be a human being

  • be open to an MKE newb

  • make MKE look, sound, or taste great

That's it. If you can check these 3 boxes, get in touch!

Listen (+ support).

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